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December 17, 2008


Boots on the ground confirm and endorse this message. American women majority has failed in there competitiveness, and rarely develop into maturity (emotional and mental). I am on the market and can claim first hand that generations x & y have been socially retarded due to divorce and role confusion. Not to be confused with gender role but the welfare, discipline, and nurturing of children has been inconsistent and micromanaged by law. To many Parents out there are not forced to embrace roles or are cast out for the benefit of the dominant parent (gender) which is statistically female. Find your own case variable and if your results differ your head is in the sand. A call to all the American women out there: appreciate the opposite gender and if you want to be the bread winner settle for a nurturing man if you want a family. "Planned parenthood". If you chase success and you chase a man that is successful your family will be raised by the help. If your not going to embrace parenthood don't do the country wrong and get pregnant, there's contraceptive out there.

You are absolutely correct about American women. This piece makes me want to move to Estonia.

I have lived in New York City all of my life, 46 years. This blog is the most accurate criticism of American women I've seen. Feminism is turning women into unapproachable undesirable tyrants.

Aahaha haven't had any exposure with American women but i don't think Estonian girls are as angelic as you think.. most of them are upright bitches haha.. but then again i haven't met any american females... typical estonian girl can't decide who to pick.. then in mid-life they marry the guy whoever have been there.. and not gone somewhere.. they usually pick the "bad boy" and then complain that men are "pigs" ...
For example my Ex left me cuz i was too boring "No Fights" etc... I don't like women who think it's Nice to have drama... and fights.. fuck that.. most loyal women are Russians! they are not boring and have temperament.

I married a GORGEOUS blonde haired, turquoise eyes Estonian woman called Taimi (pronounced tie-me). Gentle soul, heart-melting smile and a soft, mellow voice. And did I mention her GORGEOUS, great looks ?!! What a body !! Not an OUNCE of fat anywhere, totally shaved pubes (sexy)and curves, curves, curves !! I can't keep my eyes, nor my hands, off her. My Yankee girlfriends were all pudgy, bitter and bitchy. I am SO glad that I held out for, met and married Taimi. Estonian girls ARE out there guys. Find one, get to know her. Then spend the rest of your life being glad you did. ;-)

I live in the United States, and I fully agree with your description of American women. Most of the women I've met who were born in the United States, and are under the age of 45 suffer from all four conditions that you mention. The problem is that these women suffer from severe internal conflicts about what they are supposed to be. To be fair, women in American immigrant communities and older American women do not usually have these issues.

On one hand, these American women want a traditional female role, where the man open doors for them, pays for their dinner, and takes care of them. On the other hand, they have been drilled since childhood that there can be no differences between men and women, and that they never need men to do anything. To make matters worse, many of them are very spoiled, and like to overspend. Some are also psychologically imbalanced. I very briefly dated one American woman who told me that her taste in men changed by the day.

Not surprisingly, dating American women is like walking on eggshells -- no matter how careful you are they eventually crack. If you don't offer to pay for stuff for them, they consider you a miser. If you offer to help them, they get mad because they believe that you are saying that they can't support themselves. What is ironic about the whole thing is that in the end, the woman often marries a fat, stupid loser who meets none of her requirements.

I find that European women, particularly Eastern European women do not have these issues. Because women in these countries have long held jobs because of communism, and not because of a need to prove that they are equal to men, they have do not generally have work-life conflicts. Furthermore, because these women didn't grow up with anti-male propaganda, they understand that men and women can be equal without being the same.

Hmmmm I have to say this, I'm currently ending a 1 year relationship to a beautiful model-like 30-something Estonian... points 1,2,3,and 4 described her PERFECTLY! and then I saw you were describing American women. Boy was I fucked, got the runt of the Estonian litter....it's over now a tad heartbroken but when I imagine what could've been a married life....

The problem with American women is not just the woman; it's just as much fault of the men in America for being weak minded and letting women get away with their attitudes of entitlement.

If men in America had real backbone they would put a woman in her place.

I totally agree. I'm not dating an Estonian woman and have no intent of settling for any American woman because I've seen traits in her that I think stemmed from her culture. I have dated many woman throughout the years and have never been happier than I am now. Something about the American woman somehow always puts you in a sort of competition. And I have found many of them to be just as untruthful and some men out there. It's as though it's a constant battle to have to go above and beyond to satisfy and its almost like its never good enough. With my current girlfriend and hopefully soon to be fiance its nothing like that. We simply enjoy each other's company and have a deep connection that I could never find with an American woman.

The Guess stated it best with "American woman stay away form me"

Sounds like Estonian women are haters. Just saying.

Hahahahaha! This is funny because its NOT true!
Stereotype much?

This is funny because I dated an Estonian woman for nearly a year and she had ALL FOUR of these problems, MUCH moreso than any other woman I've been romantically involved with.

I don't think you can place women into personality groups based on their nationality.

As a person who was born in the United States and lived there most of my life I have to say I agree with the opinion of American Women. I stated many girls when I lived in the USA and I was engaged once. After living in Europe for a while and then returning to the USA I really notice the difference. I will not seriously date an American woman anymore. I seek out European women now and will likely marry a European. American girls who are my friends originally took offense but now that they have met and interacted with my European girlfriends they actually see what I have been speaking about. The Europeans I date are actually more educated, more refined, and less selfish on average. They do not follow or believe in special womens rights, feminism etc... And... many are truly beautiful! I am an attractive guy who is secure with himself and generally very happy. Had I never been exposed to Europe I may of married an American girl. Now I am engaged to a girl from Estonia who is beautiful inside and out!! She is well educated, speaks 5 languages and most importantly I love her!! A caring family first woman in the traditional sense. Any American girl with her educational background and physical attractiveness would be a real difficult and likely non-traditional woman. I feel very lucky to have her at my side and I will always do my best to please her. The reason I am so compelled to please her is because she has few expectations making it all the more rewarding to see her smile... It is unfortunate what has happened to American society but it is not my fault that the dynamic between man & woman in the USA has become less fulfilling. I believe it is the advent of feminism! Regardless as it does not matter because I am very happy. I was very lucky with girls as high schooler and college guy, I always had many interested in me. Sometimes I took it for granted but deep inside I was looking for something very special, almost a fairy tale if i were to explain it. I found this in my fiancé now and I can honestly say that it would of been very unlikely to find this with an American woman, especially one from the New York area. Good luck to all who enter relationships with American woman, you will likely need it!!

Oh yeah: if your the kind of guy who dresses in baggy clothing, wears baseball caps most of the time, drinks cheap beer at bars while stuffing his face watching American team sports then I suggest you stay with an American woman.

its a perfect description of american women, it's Why they only attract the worst of men, who play games, feed their egos, play along long enough to use her. and then these women complain about how "all" men are pigs. never even conceiving of the possibility that its them. When these women turn there nose up at a man with traditional values... precisely that kind of man who will devote a lifetime to one woman... liars and cheaters are all you have left.


I disagree with you completely. I have tried to be the best husband that I could possible be only to be treated like a lessor being by my wife.
Her sense of entitlement along with her jealousy has caused me to be no longer attracted to her. I want a women who will let me be the man and who will treat me with respect without trying to control my life.

If I can meet a female through a website,such as this, who would treat me like a king in exchange for a better way of life, why would I not do it? My other option would be to stay with a self rightous controlling nag.

What American women don't get is that the more they accuse their husbands of cheating, the more it is likely to happen.

yes, many American women do have a mind of there own. How many do you know personally? 4 6 20? maybe even 30? have you lived in America? or did all of those American women spend lots of money to fly to Estonia? maybe that is because they have lots of money to fly wherever they want and you are referring to a class of women that many American women are not. They have money and perhaps they are used to a different lifestyle. maybe you should come to America and live for many years before you judge the women here. Just maybe yu will find out it is the American men that you are sick of like we are. There are too many lieing cheating men who send mail to women like you who promise them a better life, a woman who is like a good dog, and has no mind of her own. Or maybe you are sick of your own men, huh? Maybe we are all sick of the men who cruise the internet looking for something better not because we aqre not good women, but because they can find anything they want to fill their fantasies, including a women who will let them do anything they want as long as they pay the bills. But beware, when those kind grow tired of you becuase they are spending all there money online looking at hookers, and you become aggitated and angry or hurt, instead of working on the relationship, they will move on to the next women they can lie to and make promises, who will feel sorry for how bad their woman treats them.

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