These are the simbols of the Estonian Nazi Waffen SS brigades :

Comments : On Monday, September 29 2008, 01:14 by Symbologist

Those symbols at the beginning of your article, the three lions and the tri-colour and the "E" with the bent arm holding a sword, are not Nazi symbols. The "E" with the bent arm comes from the Estonian War of Independance of 1920. The bend arm forms a "V" under the "E", so the image represents "EV", or "Eesti Vabadus", or "Estonian Liberty" in English.


When You see these symbols You know that the matter is with Estonian Nazis and ex members of the Estonian Waffen SS brigades, called else Estonian Legion.

During the WW II a lot of Estonians were willingly entered in the Nazi Waffen SS brigades, and embraced the Hitler ideology. They compiled many bloody crimes, killing and torturing inhabitants of Estonia of all nationalities and doing bloody actions in the Ukraina and other countries. Thanks to their efforts, Estonia became the first and only country free of the Jewish. The camp of extermination was created at Klooga (nearby Tallinn), some information in English about it can be seen at : .