In the beginning of 2006 the Estonian Minister of Justice initiated a new activity plan, which sets clear goals in thirteen domains of commercial law based on feedback from entrepreneurs in order to simplify a number of operations and thus increase legal certainty and economic turnover in Estonia. One of the most remarkable of these aims was establishing a new framework for performing most common and relevant commercial procedures (especially concerning internal decisions and register entries of a company) by using electronical means.

As of 1 January 2007, the according amendments to the Commercial Code became applicable and inter alia brought in a new type of legislative proceeding - the expedited procedure of proceeding an entry, also known as the turbo procedure. For instance, it is possible to establish an incorporated entity by turbo procedure within two hours. All petitions for entry will be reviewed on the following day the latest. The basic notarial model of establishing an entity will remain in use along with the new method.

Main factors in the turbo procedure

The turbo procedure differs from the regular model by two main factors.