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January 31, 2005


This article errs in saying that "Bollyn is convinced that the high-tech military equipment that was reportedly carried on M/S Estonia shortly before the ferry sank was meant to reach USA and that the ferry was sunk to get rid of key witnesses."

I don't think, nor have I ever said, that the ferry was sunk to get rid of key witnesses. This is a serious distortion that needs to be corrected.

At least 9 key witnesses, all Estonians and all crew members, did disappear after being taken to Huddinge Hospital in Sweden. There is ample evidence of that. They were picked up from two life-rafts between 3:20 and 3:50 by Kenneth Svensson and Swedish Navy helicopter Y-64.

This was reported in the Swedish press the day of the catastrophe, in Aftonbladet. Furthermore there were numerous reports that Captain Avo Piht had survived and been interviewed by the authorities.

It appears that Avo Piht was among the 9 survivors picked up by Svensson and Y-64. Evidently, Piht was later taken to Finland.

These people, and probably several others, disappeared and their names were deleted from survivor lists after having been listed as survivors for days. How did this happen? How could a person's name be on the survivor list, complete with date of birth, name and nationality, and then disappear? It should be noted that a survivor had to identify him or herself. In the case of one of the young dancing girls, she even had provided her nickname.

These people were made to disappear in what is a clear case of "enforced disappearance" because of what they knew about the cause of the sinking of Estonia. Estonia was not sunk to get rid of them - on the contrary - they were kidnapped to remove key witnesses who could testify about what happened to the ferry, and why.

I recommend that anyone who is interested in this matter should visit this website: http://www.elaestonia.org/eng/index.php?kat=148 and read my article, "Were key survivors from Estonia catastrophe kidnapped?"

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