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The question that is the most often asked to Tiiu is “What’s the secret of your beauty ?”

When answering this question Tiiu will say how thoroughly she is removing make-up from her face every evening and putting cream in the morning....
"I am lying of course", she is admitting at home, when talking to Estonians. "I haven`t got any secret. I don`t do anything else when getting up in the morning other than brushing my teeth !"

Tiiu Kuik (18 on the 16th of March) is a girl , whose success is like a favourite fairy tale of the 21st Century. What is it all about ?
Everybody already knows that : A 13 years old girl went to one Food fair where one lady owner of the “TopModel” agency noticed her...
After this everything developed at the speed of noise.

“TopModel” sent Tiiu straight away to Japan for work, from there to Italy (which wasn`t "big enough" for her) and another 2 years after, Tiiu was living in New York, on the same street than Sarah Jessica Parker.
New York is nowadays the top for Fashion Industry ; the world most popular photographers all are concentrated there.
Tiiu is working with all of them... and some "wicked tongs" are just saying that Tiiu is every photographer’s girl ; it can take an entire life to meet such beauty but if someone was to fall in love with her, then it could very well break some photographer’s heart.