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September 27, 2009


Kosova never is been part of Serbia. Under Yugoslav federation it had the status of autonomous region. The main reason of Yugoslav heredity claims for Serbia was to justifyKosovo control claims. But if you see the story of Serbian Parliament, you never will find any Kosovar representative neither before or today. I don't know how Serbian authorities can justify this fact that in the clearest way interpret the falsity of their claims. An interpretation whyKosova should be recognized as an independent country can be found at: http://www.bosnia.org.uk/news/news_body.cfm?newsid=2487

The idea to put Kosova and Serbia together is the craziest thing can be imagined. Any scenarios who consider Kosova under Serbian occupation mean a big trouble not only for Kosova and Serbia but for the whole region. Last one who didn't just thought but triet to realize that was Slobodan Miloscevic. Everybody knows very well what consequences and outcome it had.

Until now Kosova has the recognition from 62 countries and expecting very soon the recognition from 15 countries who already have declared their decision. Until now Serbia has realized only to slow down further recognitions but not to stop them. On the other side, countries who have recognized the independence of Rep. ofKosova represent 60% of UNSC , 81.5% of EU members, 85.7% of NATO members, 70.2% of Council of Europe etc... . So numbers have the importance given by the quality who rests behind those. I don't think that for the moment it is important the speed of new recognitions as long as they still going on. The most important for the Rep. ofKosova is to realize standards for it's citizens and the country it want to be. Further recognitions should be not only as a political and legal influence but as well as a standards consequence.

Regarding to Serbian big painful efforts to stop the recognition, no one can tell them what to do or not. To me it's sound a big political waste because even if it thinks to get anything as compensation forKosova recognition, let say kosovar territory in north of Iber or reconfigured borders, I don't think it can get anything from Kosovar part. If there is any option for border change (this is my personal opinion), the only option is joining Albania. We Albanians are one people with two states and two governments. The truth is that two governments for 6 million people are a big weight to hold. I don't know if you can get the meaning but I don't see any reason why one people should keep two states two governments and considering that both of them for a long time have payed the costs, one a long time of communist self-isolation and the other one a long time of occupation.

According to many sources, (anyone can find them easily), in Rep. of Kosova, the ethnic composition is as follows: 92% Albanians, 8% minorities (among them 5% Serbs). With this composition, any normal person can not find any justifiable reason whyKosova should be with Serbia. If Serbs are really claiming Kosova, this can be an other argument to sustain that Mrs. Sabrina p. Ramet is definitely right with her study. ( link: http://hrcak.srce.hr/file/4768 )

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