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July 31, 2008


Now days it is very difficult to find a community where you are free to Discuss Everything.
Lets be frank for a minute here, we are currently living in the society where rules are above and beyond
Have to be followed everywhere. Personally i do not like this. Where are those times when you could?
Actually speak your mind, Discuss Everything that comes to mind without a fear of being punished.

We are always ready to shout "We live in democratic society" but if you really think about what this
Society brought us over the years, nothing but strip us of basic rights for freedom of speech and
Expression. As far as i see it we should be able to Discuss Everything at any place we feel to do so.
Otherwise we are no better then Communist countries where at least they are saying out loud:
you have no freedom of speech.
But in any western country currently freedom of expressing has been suppressed so much that
it does not exist on the basic level anymore. We are being told we can Discuss Everything, but in
Reality, we always have to think before we speak.

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