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October 27, 2005


Several "umlauts" or rather letters with "umlauts" are missing when comparing this posting to the author's original document. Not sure why that happened. The mysteries of copying and pasting different word prosessor documents...I suppose. Sometimes, a clear space is seen where the original letter was located...in others, the letter and the empty space drop leaving the impression that a typo occurred.

The "ä" and "õ" in Väle Põder are missing as well...as is the "õ" in the first usage of Mõistlik (yet it appears clearly in the second...go figure).

Toward the end of the posting...tüdrukute is missing an "ü"...and nimepäevad an "ä". All these letters were used correctly in the author's original document...and are not typos.

The author did not goof on this one...just follow the links back to their orginal sources for more proof if you need it.

:::::::Thanks very much, it has, at long last been corrected - Shaan ::::::

A brief summary of this issue by Piret Mistlik (Bridget Sensible...no joke...that is the real translation of her name) follows :

HI im Estonian
and PIRET MISTLIK does not mean SENSIBLE,it doesnt mean anything.
M Õ I S T L I K means sensible..
dont left letter out and thing oo .. it looks similar to that word..

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